We are all in leadership. We lead both ourselves and others, formally and informally, through the choices we make and the way we show up. How you as a leader can influence more for better and less for worse is a central focus in leadership training in Compassion Consulting. 

Education & Schools

All children deserve a happy school life. I work together with teachers, students and school management to develop our schools and the didactics to ensure a happy school life for both children and grown ups. I'm the co-author of a book on the subject and part of a group of school reseachers and educators at

Professional Training
Currently, I am a co-organizer and co-teacher of educational programs for professionals in both health care and the educational sector. For more information about the programs I teach and my good business partners press here.
Compassion Training
Are you or your organisation interested in getting both mentally and emotionally fit with neuro-scientifically based compassion training? I offer courses and retreats for both professionals and private persons in Compassion Company together with Anita Hansen, chartered psychologist and business psychologist. Find upcoming courses and free guided meditations here.
I offer individual sparring and development coaching that focus specifically on your needs, strengths and challenges within a given area of ​​your work life. Coaching can take place as a stand-alone offer, as part of a bigger organizational development programme or as shadow-coaching, where I observe and coach you on-the-job while performing your daily tasks.
How do you stay mindful and kind as a teacher in a busy and hectic school day? How do you as a professional caregiver working with kids, patients or clients prevent empathy fatigue and burn out? Book me for these or other inspirational talks in your workplace. All talks are interactive and experiential.


We believe that sustainable results creation, people engagement and organizational development happens when everyone engaged can see a clear and beneficial purpose, succeed in focusing on meaningful tasks while experiencing inspiring and reciprocal collaboration. We all need to play to our strengths and be useful. Insight broadens perspectives and visions. When we design, train and facilitate programs that are research-based, business-driven and experiential we ensure new insights, visions and a daily practice for better results.

Thomas Enna Larsen, Senior Vice President Business Development

"Following an organizational change in our area, we organized a department day focusing on change. We had the pleasure of having Clarissa with us and she contributed with a talk about mindfulness in a process of change and facilitated the subsequent dialogue. Clarissa showed great empathy and understanding of our change process and her contribution was committed and met our needs exactly. It has given a common understanding of how change affects us as a team and individually and it has given us a toolbox to meet the challenges that change brings about".


Typically Compassion Consulting works as partner and business advisor on development programs for longer periods with customers and collaborators


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