Management is a multifaceted discipline. How you approach leadership - both formally and informally - has a great impact on how effective people around you can be and how much motivation and desire to share their creativity and dedication with you and your organisation they have. How do you manage in times of change? If you can manage your own attention and awareness then you can begin to direct others' attention towards what you and your organization is all about.



As a leader you sometimes need a space where you can think aloud, reflect on the important balances in work life, your options and your choices. A place where you can deal with difficult issues and release energy and new perspectives. Coaching always focus on your wishes for change, your strengths and your values, and also focus on developmental issues and challenges. Coaching can be used for career development and clarification, finding sustainable balances in a demanding work life, working with management and self-management challenges, collaboration, communication, purpose, authenticity and the overall winds of change.



In Compassion Consulting, we work with leadership inspired by a philosophy that you can rationalize and lean a lot of things in organizations, but you can not lean your way out of the human programming by nature. Some strategies, processes and relations promote engagement, creativity and empowerment, others inhibit it. Our modern day is filled with great change, uncertainty, complexity and new technology which all demands a lot of human beings. Therefore, we must organize ourselves and lead according to best practice and what science tells us about how the human brain and body function, and what it needs. Amongst other things they have a need for affiliation and purpose. When we lead with both mind and heart, we unleash creativity, empowerment and passion in organisations - in people who make up organisations.  Let us strengthen each other in our workplaces instead of doing the opposite and acting against the better of our knowledge. There are ways to live and lead, releasing potentials, releasing courage, and enabling new solutions to be made to both present and future's problems. We can only succeed together, so let's use our human resources respectfully and wisely.


If we want to see changes in organizations' culture, leadership, efficiency, customer and user focus or other, we will often need further insight into basic psychological, biological and neurophysiological mechanisms than we are used to. We can ask questions like: Where are you aiming? For the benefit of whom? What deserves your full attention? Who are your main stakeholders? How do you meet them, collaborate with them and about what? What are the data? What is your burning ambition? etc. When clarity about the purpose of the management task appears we can begin the training and focus on that which points to the results the organization is aiming for. We work with how a leader helps the organization, the team or the individual employee to focus on what's most important. And leadership is also about how to manage your own nervous system and your own attention everyday and how that affects the results you, your team and your organization are able to create.


Leadership development programmes are always training-based, job-related and research-oriented. Progress can run in parallel in multiple management teams or involve more management teams. Mindset and methods are equally important parts of change processes and development processes in Compassion Consulting and always designed around everyday challenges and tasks. The aim is to maximize the transfer from training to everyday work life and programmes are always co-created with the customers to ensure the greatest value creation for both managers and organization. Preference Profiles like Whole Brain thinking or Hogan Personality Profiles can be integrated and used if it strengthens team and management dialogues or individually strengthen you as a leader in your understanding of your preferences and your personal leadership style. Please contact me to learn more or let us meet up and discuss opportunities for cooperation.


Thomas Enna Larsen, Senior Vice President Business Development

"Following an organizational change in our area, we organized a department day focusing on change. We had the pleasure of having Clarissa with us and she contributed with a talk about mindfulness in a process of change and facilitated the subsequent dialogue. Clarissa showed great empathy and understanding of our change process and her contribution was committed and met our needs exactly. It has given a common understanding of how change affects us as a team and individually and it has given us a toolbox to meet the challenges that change brings about".