Coaching course in Compassion Consulting can take several forms. We always focus on your wishes for change, your strengths and your values, and also take a look at development issues and challenges.

Coaching courses can be used for career development and clarification, to find sustainable balances in a busy and demanding work life, and to work with challenges in leadership and self-management, collaboration, communication, purpose, authenticity, labor pressure and the overall gain of change. Coaching sessions can take place at different locations with time for immersion and reflection. The interspaces between the sessions are an integral part of the process and often where the greatest change occurs when new strategies, patterns of behavior and mindset are tested and insights and visions are unfolded and settled. The shape and duration of the course are individually agreed but are typically about 6 sessions.

Coaching course for managers can also take place in practice at work while doing what you usually do. This kind of on-the-job coaching is particularly effective in getting all the way around the management task and your way of completing the role. As an on-the-job coach, I follow your working day and observe the micro-behavior of your leadership upwards, downwards, communication, impact, prioritization, execution and strategic management. The observations are subsequently supplemented with reflections, feedback and dialogues about the course of work and the effects of the observed management behavior. On-the-job coaching can also be combined with a common coaching course to the extent that it supports the focus of the course.

All coaching courses are completed with an evaluation and have ongoing feedback.